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Hippocates, the so called Father of Modern Medicine, said "Let Food be thy Medicine and thy Medicine be thy Food" and "First, do no harm".  We believe this is just as important today as it always has been, and that good nutrition is a major key to good health. That is why we will always recommend supplements that we believe are as natural as possible and promote raw, natural and organic food and teas that will do no harm. We have a great team, all of whom have their own area of expertise including naturopathy and herbal medicine. Collectively we have over 25 years of experience and knowledge in the field of health and wellness, so your health really is our concern.




What you can expect from the Bethlehem Health Shop:

  • Your experiences count, so we start by listening to you 
  • A recommendation for getting your basic needs covered 
  • Your prescription of natural health products 
  • An ongoing relationship – we want to know how your health progresses 
  • Your health being sustained and maintained 

As a result of working with us you should experience increased energy, vitality, and overall wellness. Most importantly, you will be in the driving seat, and in control of you and your family’s health.

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