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Lifestream Bioactive Spirulina Balance 100g Powder

Title :

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Lifestream Barley Grass is 100% pure New Zealand grown certified organic wholesome green food made from the powdered leaves of young Barley Grass plants (Hordeum vulgare). It contains naturally occurring minerals, vitamins and chlorophyll in a perfect 'nature-made'blend and is alkalinising for the body. Due to its alkaline nature, Lifestream Barley Grass in neutralising, balancing and nourishing to the body.

Lifestream young barley plants are harvested at peak potency and 'flash air dried'in minutes to ensure the nutrients are not damaged or compromised. This is shown by the rich chlorophyll content which is a good indicator for correct growing practoce, high quality plants and gentle processing. Lifestream also mill the plants to an unltra fine particle sie to ensure easy mixing and absorption

Lifestream Barley Grass imparts an alkaline residue once digested and can help to nourish and balance your system. Lifestream Barley Grass is gluten free and can be used by coeliacs (people allergic to gluten or wheat products). Lifestream Barley Grass is non allergenic and is excellent for a wide variety of conditions as it contains no animal or dairy products or synthetic additives. Lifestream Barley Grass is available in capsules and powder.

Lifestream Barley Grass is:

  • Balancing, neutralising and nourishing to the body
  • Highly alkalising - reduces acidity in the body
  • High in natural colloidal ionic minerals
  • Great for those on restricted diets
  • Beneficial to people with weakened digestive systems


Adults - 1 rounded teaspoonful daily with food.
Children 5 - 15 years - generous half a teaspoon daily with food.
Serving suggestion - Add to fruit juice or stir Barley Grass Powder into food after cooking.
To make a fruit smoothie, add to a blender 3 cups tropical fruit juice, 3 teaspoons of Lifestream Barley Grass Powder, and 1 banana, and blend until smooth. (Makes 3 servings)


per serving size of 3g (1 teaspoon)

Energy - 48.0 kJ
Protein - 2.0 g
Fat, total - 0.2 g
saturated - 0.1 g
Carbohydrate - 0.4 g
sugars - 0.1 g
Dietary Fibre - 0.2 g
Sodium - 22.9 mg
Vitamin B1 - 3.0 mcg
Vitamin B2 - 144 mcg
Vitamin B3 - 480 mcg
Vitamin B6 - 23.4 mcg
Vitamin K - 28.5 mcg
Calcium - 8.9 mg
Chromium - 21.6 mcg
Copper - 12.6 mcg
Iodine - 17.1 mcg
Iron - 1.8 mg (15% RDI*)
Magnesium - 9.1 mg
Manganese - 93.0 mcg
Phosphorus - 28.4 mg
Potassium - 48.7 mg
Selenium - 0.6 mcg
Zinc - 42.9 mcg
Beta carotene - 6.6 mg
Total Carotenoids - 15.0 mg
Phycocyanin - 561 mg
Chlorophyll - 36.0 mg
Zeaxanthin - 3.3 mg
Gamma Linoleic Acid (GLA) - 45.0 mg
Linoleic Acid (LA) - 38.4 mg
Non-GMO and sustainably sourced
Free of herbicides, pesticides, and irradiation
Suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians


Keep Lifestream Spirulina Balance Bioactive out of reach of children. Do not take Lifestream Spirulina Balance Bioactive if you have a known allergy to any of the ingredients listed. If you have a very sensitive digestive system or may be one of the very few people who have an algae allergy, please check with your Healthcare Practitioner before using Lifestream Spirulina. Lifestream Spirulina Balance Bioactive is not intended to treat or cure any medical condition.

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