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Lifestream Ultimate Gut Protect Powder 100g

Title :

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Lifestream Ultimate Gut Protect powder supports everyday gut protection with pre and probiotics for optimal gut and bowel health, alongside scientifically researched ResistAid® which provides an extra prebiotic effect plus immune protection.

Ultimate Gut Protect is also ideal for everyday gut health and bowel regularity alongside keto support or those following a low carbohydrate diet.


Support every day gut protection
Support optimal gut & bowel health
Support bowel regularity


Psyllium husk 3.335g
ResistAid® 1.500g


Add: 1 1/2 rounded teaspoons into large glass water or juice.


Do not use if cap seal is missing or broken.
Store below 25C and away from direct sunlight.
Keep out of reach of children.

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