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Radiance CandAid 60caps

Title :

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RadianceTM CandAid® is a herbal, enzyme and probiotic blend to support a healthy balance of vaginal, gut and skin microflora.

RadianceTM CandAid® supports normal intestinal yeast levels and flora balance in the intestines, skin and in the mucous membranes.


Supports vaginal comfort for those with yeast imbalance
Supports vaginal health
Supports normal healthy urogenital flora in women
Support for those with skin conditions associated with yeast imbalance
Supports those with digestive upset associated with microflora imbalance


Each Capsule Contains:

Caprylic acid 250mg
Black walnut 150mg
Pau d’arco 150mg
Digestive Enzyme Blend 116mg
Oregano oil 100mg
Garlic 5mg
Biotin 1mg
Probiotic (Bacillus coagulans) 100million CFU


One capsule twice daily, preferably between meals.


Not recommended during pregnancy or lactation, for children or if using blood thinning medications.


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