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BePure Collagen+ Sample Box 104g 8 Servings

Title :

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BePure Collagen+ Single Serves are now here for on-the-go convenience. Wherever you're headed, they're easy to pop in your pocket, gym bag, hand bag or your suitcase.... for your local weekend getaway!

Each pack contains 4 x Single Serves of BePure Collagen+ Vanilla and 4 x Single Serves of BePure Collagen+ Chai, so it's a great way to try both flavours before choosing your BePure Collagen+ canister flavour. 

A Single Serve of BePure Collagen+ 

Each single serve contains a full daily serving of BePure Collagen+. Scientifically formulated by leading clinical nutritionist Ben Warren it contains 10g per serve of premium-grade, sustainably-sourced, marine collagen with our advanced low molecular weight of just 2,000 Daltons. This makes it the most readily absorbed collagen on the New Zealand market.  

+PLUS it's packed with a powerful blend of antioxidants specifically selected to support soothing inflammation at the root of skin conditions.

BePure Collagen+ is a marine collagen which is abundant in type 1 collagen—the single most common form of collagen in your body. Has widespread benefits and can improve the structural integrity of everything from your joints and skin to your vital organs, blood vessels, gastrointestinal tract and bones

BePure Collagen+ supports:

Strong hair.
Skin and nails.
Dry flaky skin.
Signs of ageing.
Gut & digestion.
Joints, bones.
and more...

Recommended daily dose:

1 full single serve daily in your favourite smoothie or combine with 200mL water alongside a meal. 

While collagen is suitable for hot temps, the lovely blend of antioxidants in BePure Collagen+ are not—we recommend BePure Collagen+ is consumed in food or beverages no warmer than room temperature.
When adding to water, stir vigorously or shake in a mason jar, silica is fantastic for cell regeneration and skin health but doesn't always mix in completely. If you notice any bubbles in your BePure Collagen+, it's the silica.
Suitable for ages 12 years and above.

Key Active Ingredients:

Marine Collagen Peptides with low molecular weight of 2,000 Da
Functional Keratin
Silica (Collodial Anhydrous)
Zinc (As Zinc Picolinate)
Polypodium Leucomotos
Vitamin C

Other ingredients: 

Chai Flavour
Vanilla Flavour
Monkfruit (Natural Sweetener)

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