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Pacific Harvest NZ Kombu Leaves 15g

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Kombu makes delicious and flavourful vegan stocks, glazes and cordials. Contains glutamic acid that helps beans, grains and seeds to be more easily digested, reducing flatulence. Using kombu can reduce cooking time. Kombu strips and leaves release umami flavour to everything they are added to during cooking.

New Zealand harvested kombu is densely nutritious – high levels of iodine, calcium, magnesium, vitamins A, B2, B6 and Omega 3. Contains special compounds – alginates, fucoidan, laminarin and lignans proven to be effective with treatment of degenerative diseases.


NZ Kombu Strips are hard & flavourful and lend themselves well to making full-bodied Dashi (stock) used in Miso soup and other traditional dishes.

Kelp/Kombu is a must for all types of soup stocks, enriching flavour and nutrition because it adds the much desired Umami flavour, and releases an abundance of minerals to provide a ‘salty’ taste (with reduced sodium).

Making stock using Kombu is a great way to introduce seaweed in your diet.

Many chefs never allow Kombu to boil because they claim it makes the stock bitter. Instead, soak the strip in ‘just boiled water’ and adjust the soaking time to get the desired flavour: for a stronger stock, the Kombu may be soaked overnight. A kombu strip can be used more than once to make stock or re-cycled to cook beans, then cut fine and added to soups/stews or to make a delicious marinade for vegetables/fish/meat.

Beans should never be cooked without Kombu, as it tenderizes, shortens cooking times and improves digestibility.

Kombu leaves are pliable and can be used to wrap food or add flavour to simmering dishes.


Kombu Leaves 15g


Being kelp, Kombu is very high in iodine. In NZ the RDI is 150mcg. Consume in small quantities to stay within the RDI for iodine. There is controversy over how much iodine one should consume, so please seek the help of a qualified health professional for personalised advice.

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