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At the Bethlehem Health Shop, we support ethical suppliers and sell quality, researched products. We offer sincere advice from our team of caring, trained staff.

Our Staff

Our Practitioner Clinic Team

Jo Douglas
Shop Owner - Homeobotanicals & Flower Essences - Homeopathic Advice
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Karen Box
Homeopath - Consultations for the Whole Family - Including Animals
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Beverley Hailwood
Naturopath - Bodytalk Practitioner - Theratest Machine
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Not sure where to start when it comes to your health concerns?

Although we do have qualified staff on our shop floor, we often don't get as much time as we need to go into in-depth conversations to understand the full picture when it comes to your health concerns. We are lucky enough to have a clinic room in-store with three experienced natural health practitioners who are available for appointments