Jamie's Lactation Smoothie

Sep 17 , 2019

Jamie's Lactation Smoothie

Along side Lactation AOK, Artemis Breastfeeding Tea, Lactation Station cookies and Silverette Silver Cups this smoothie was part of my daily routine I used to get me through the first tough 4 weeks of breastfeeding.

I had every complication you could think of when it came to breastfeeding. My milk took what felt like forever to come in and in reality it would be a good few weeks before my daughter was getting enough from me alone. We used donor milk to get us by and as breastfeeding was hugely important to me I persisted through bad latches, cracked, bleeding nipples, Raynaud's syndrome and the beginnings of mastitis. I thought I was well prepared for how challenging motherhood could be in the first few weeks, what I was not prepared for was how painful breastfeeding can be. Luckily there is so much support out there to get us through. My husband, midwife, lactation specialist and the Milk Café at the Bethlehem Birthing Centre were all invaluable in supporting me through the moments of frustration and exhaustion. Here is my recipe for the ultimate super milk producing smoothie.


1 cup of water
1 cup of cooled lactation tea
1 frozen banana
1 tablespoon of Ceres abc spread or nut butter of choice
1 tablespoon of linseeds
1 teaspoon of brewers yeast
1 tablespoon of oats

Add all ingredients to a blender of bullet and blend until smooth.

Sip away while you feed or pump, and stare at your gorgeous new bundle.