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Absolute Essential Confidence Organic 10ml

Title :

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When we can't get out for a walk in a forest, we can still access a natural peaceful aroma to inspire contemplation and focus. This creative blend is a potent mix of oils that supports healthy mental activity and calm responses. Overtones are light and inspirational to help combat negativity and support clear positive action. It may be especially useful to people who feel ready to realise their hidden potential or simply to help you rise to daily challenges. Suitable for diffusion, pulse points, inhalation, bath or after shower (see directions).

Ingredients: Lemon (Organic), Bergamot (Organic), Cedarwood Atlas (Organic), Eucalyptus Australiana (Organic), Rosemary Cineol (Organic), Juniper Berry (Organic), Fir Balsam (Organic), Pine Scotch (Organic), Lime (Organic).

A Stress Less, Confidence Booster
Relax and hush the negative thoughts that stand in your way. Use this blend to support mental calm that allows inspiration and clears pathways. Allow anxieties and tensions to fall out of focus and re-channel energy to enjoy a whole new dynamic.

Clarify Goals
When you need to strategise and have plans to make, use Clarity & Confidence to create an environment conducive to calm, clear thinking. A quiet mind has more energy for awareness and concentration.

Cleansing & Invigorating Mind Tonic
These oils have a strong fresh scent designed to clear the mental cobwebs and uplift. Help release stuck energy that can dampen the spirit and support a natural state of efficient focus.

Diffusion: 5-10 drops, allow 10 minutes, replenish as required.
Perfume/Inhalation: A few drops to collar or a tissue.
Bath: 10 drops in milk to running water.
Shower: after washing add 5 drops to a wet face cloth and rub all over your body. Towel dry if required.
Pulse Points: apply direct to back of neck and wrists.

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