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Denz Diatomaceous Earth 1kg Fossil Shellflour

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Diatomaceous Earth - 1kg bag
Diatomaceous Earth - 89% Amorphous Silica + trace minerals
Perma-guard’s Diatomaceous Earth deposit is 89 - 95 percent amorphous silica. As well as being very high in silica percentage and also contains 15 essential trace minerals including phosphorous, selenium, calcium, sodium, potassium, magnesium, copper, zinc and iron.

Fresh-water DE is considered to be ‘Food Grade’ and has been shown to have a myriad of practical and healthy uses. For many years fresh-water or food grade DE has demonstrated to have excellent health benefits for mammals and plants when used correctly. Some of these areas include (click on the links to find out more) …

In the Garden
In the Home
For Pets
On the Farm
Horticultural Applications
Stock Feed Supplement
Grain Storage protector
Anti-caking agent
Commercial Insecticide
Consumption by mammals
Product of the United States of America

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